Way to make money online in nigeria

ways to make money online in nigeria
ways to make money online
ways to make money online in nigeria
ways to make money online

When we talk on ways and how to make money online in nigeria,
we are not talking of scamming people or doing all sort of illegal things online just to earn money. we are here to show you many legit ways you can earn money online without doing illegal things (yahoo ). Bellow are some tips about things you can do online to earn your self alot of money.

  • Bloggin
  • Freelancing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content writting



Blogging is one of the most trusted way to make money online. People have been making alot of cash through blogging. I dont need to mention names but i know many that survive through bloggin and you can also be among them. All you have to do is to get your self a website and start writting interesting articles or topic which people will be eager to read. Not only interesting article, you should aslo look for trending topics that can bring a lot of visitors to your website.
And as a blogger, you must be consistence by posting atleast two post every day. also befor you start blogging, make sure you pick a blog nich which you are so passionate to write about and you must have knowledge and also be good in it.

Affiliate Marketing

You can also make money through Affiliate Marketing.
And how is that possible?
well let me explain it the way you will understand.
It is just a way of promoting other people product and in return, you get commision for it.
and there is no limite of earning . it all depend on how many product that your are able to sell in a day,week or month.
Though some affilite programs are not by selling products but by refering people.
take a look at one of them referal programe here(link)
People do consider affiliate marketing as one of the most common business to do online. but it pays well just like other ways to earn money online. you need to register/join some affiliate networks in other to earn money.


Here Are Some Which You Can Join And Earn Your Self Cool Money


  1. Jumia affiliate programe
  2. Konga.com affiliate programe
  3. Click bank affiliate programe
  4. Amazo affilite programe
  5. Nnu income programe

You will now get a link to promote once you have registerd with any of the above sites.
Now it’s for you to promote your link and get paid for who ever registered or buy any product through your link.
I that not amasing?
click here to read how you can make upto $10(#3600) every day.


Freelancing has become one of the best way to make money online.
And it’s so simple in way that every body including you can participate in it.

Why is because freelancing is just like an extended family. it has somany features which almost every one can handle one of it feature.

Here are some of the features


  • web developer,
  • digital marketer
  • seo experts
  • programer
  • e.t.c


How do you become a succesfull freelancer?

To become a succesfull freelancer, you will need to register your self 1st on some freelancing marketing sites such as:


make sure you fill in your profiles with your freelancing skills. and share your work samples.

Contents writting

Content writting is also a good way to earn money online as well.
Many populer blog and magazines out there are looking for quality writter to writte for them.

Now as a content writter, you need to hustle and find your self the best opportunity

Apart from big blogs and magazines, there also many people or organisation buying contents out there every day.

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Let me use my self as an example; in my previouce blog, i bought somany contents to that blog but i did it because i have many projects on hand and because i cannot let my readers down, i have to look for a good quality writter. which i paid her as well.

There are still some sites out there that pay writters alot of money for each post.
sit like:

  2. B-MICHELLEPIPPIN: this is a business site that pay $55-$150 for each post related to their nich which is business
    They’ll pay you $150 for every post you wrote that is related to “succes stories” “ceo lifestyles” or even “about business”

How Do I Become A Succesfull Writter

To become a succesfull content writter,

  • 1, you need to have knowledge about keyword research. and how seo works
  • You should also try and avoid keyword stuffing. i mean it’s not advisable to make use of your keyword to apear morethan 0.15% in your post body
  • 3. Stop being the type that like writting for search engines. start making the habit of writting for your readers and make them feel something while reading your article.
  • 4. Get rid of distractions while writting your article and try and stay focused when writting. Though it’s not easy to get the ability to be focuse but to become a succesfull writter, it’s a must that you stay focus.

Conclusion : To make money online in nigeria required you to be focuse and also have it in mind that you can overthrow many online big earners like LINDA IKEJA AND CO And also try and get your self a good peputation especcially content writters.

Do This And It Shall Be Well With You!