Visual Content Marketing Trends To Attract Audience And Resonate

Visual Content Marketing Trends To Attract Audience And Resonate

Visual Content Marketing Trends To Attract Audience And Resonate

It is just a couple of months into 2019 and brands are already making their online presences felt in this visual content marketing or digital marketing world in a big way. Concept of digital marketing, use of better contents and visuals are stronger than before due to the change in trends in the content marketing efforts this year.

Given such a situations it is highly important for you to know about these trends as a marketer to make the most impacting presence and take the advantage of this golden age of visuals to the fullest. Content is king now and therefore as it was in 2018 it will be all about images that are appealing, bold, beautiful, impactful, and evocative in 2019 as well, albeit at an increased level.

Each year according to the annual trends report on the types of images used in social marketing and content creation is becoming better and imperative. These resonate with the viewer easily and leavesa long lasting impression of the brand. If you take a look at the list of 2018 you will find a lot of inspiring examples from different major brands that are followed by others in 2019.

You will need to follow a specific process and tips on incorporating thenew visual cues into your content marketing efforts for better results and create a better impact in the digital realm that has infiltrated into just about every aspect of your daily life.

The virtual reality

In 2019, expect to see more and more use of Virtual Reality or VR as it is commonly known. More and more brands are already experimenting with virtual reality using some cutting edge technologies. These technologies make these virtual aspects look as real as it can be. Even more so, these technologies have brought about a change in definition of being human in this age that especially elevates existence and continues to do so.

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  • If you consider the aesthetic aspect, the trend articulates itself through first-person perspectives. Typically, the images help in evoking a shared experience. This means, you will no longer lookat visuals only but will actually have the power to step inside it.
  • It is all about creating a deeper association with your audience. Experts in such field like Gramista and others are including VR and 360degree imagery more and more. This allows them to engage the viewers on an entirely new level or experience. This in turn helps in making them actually immerse within the story that is being told through the imagery.
  • The potential of virtual reality and its engagement seems to be enormous and spans across a wide variety of industries whether it is travel or an automobile industry. With the unique 360-video the viewers will get a taste of a highly immersive, incredibly interactive, and most inspiring campaign. This will in the end surely ignite wanderlust among your followers and will also increase the number of viewers.

Though VR and 360-degree videos were considered to be a big investment in the past especially for the smaller brands, but these are becoming increasingly affordable and accessible. These days, this is the best tool to incorporate in your marketing strategy win more audience and sustain their attention as well.

A virtual experience will offer them a new way to see your product, interact with you and remember your brand for a long, long time.

Unfiltered color surge

Colorful background creates a remarkable effect and therefore you will also see a notable resurgence in vibrant color than the tech-fueled filter look of the 70s. Do not be surprised if you find a few brands using strange and sometimes daring color combinations as this is considered to be the new and most productive upsurge of visual sophistication.

  • The awards season of 2018 was full of bright blues, yellows, and reds along with lush, shiny, and bright greenish-blue hues to give the ‘Moonlight’ effect. There was also deep gem toneused for ‘Nocturnal Animals’ as a useful contribution to measure the magic of it.
  • A surge of color in branding with bright backdrops blends perfectly to create a catchy as well as long lasting effect. Along with an entertaining and interesting text and caption it will certainly leavea huge impressioncatching the eyes as well as the ears of viewers. It will play a very significant role to deliver the moral of your story through the title itself within the short time window.

Therefore, push the boundaries of your palette and experiment a lot more to be more creative and innovative. You will surely be able to find lot of new viewers to your website. Think out of the box to tell your story and create a brand strategy with better content by doing something unpredictable and by going past the lines.

Unfiltered iteration will make thing truly authentic and help you to standout from the crowd in today’s endless flow of contents. It will be incredibly easy for you to face and overcome the challenges of this overly saturated visual landscape where people look straight past the stylized shoots and see through pre-planned poses.

The photojournalistic approach

To tell the story through compelling images more and more brands are following the photojournalistic approach. This ensures documentary aesthetic in the posts making it as true as it can be in real life.

A diverse and multicultural array of real relationships is created with more views and direct interactions. All you have to do is use images or videos accompanied by a link to a site that will offer a question and answer session on bias, additional content and how to combat any issues within. This will make the viewers to visit your site more and come back for more information and even rewards for their participation.

Make sure that you makeyourown statement photo function along with a clear yet strong message. This will help you show the people who really matters to you about your marketing efforts. Use curated selection of candid images, UGCs and a spike for larger audience.

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