Browse free on 9mobile and mtn using tweakware vpn

tweakware vpn

Are you the type that love free stufs? or have you been searching for free browsing tips and tricks online and couldn’t get one?.

Toady, i am going to show you how you can browse free using tweakware vpn on 9mobile and mtn networks. But i will like you to know more about twekware vpn before procceding to how you can use it. but make sure you read the post till end to avoid you being confused. well i wrote these content with an easy and simple words to make it easire to understand.
So 1st question will be:

What is tweakware vpn?

it is an andriod app that is highly designed to hides your ip address. which means no one can know or detect your real location and you can have free internet access with it(tweakware vpn) just by using buit-in proxy tweak like reverse proxy.
Though the vpn app have both free and premium account and it’s even better to use the pro account than to use your data directly.

Why should i use this vpn app?

  1. well i must testify the goodness of this app and recormend you to use it as well becausd with it, you are access view free to any site without the fear that someone may be checking on you. sounds good to internet gurus……!
  2. It gives you unlimited bandwith to all server and it’s also virus protected. so, you can visit all those site which you can access before without interuption.
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Now, using this tweakware vpn on mtn network

Make sure you leave your defaut configuration setting (
Tweakware setting on mtn biz

    • Download and install the tweakware latest version of the vpn app
    • when you are done downloading, make sure you have atleast #100 or recharge your line and dail *216*3*1# in an idle screen (home screen).
      you’ll now get an mtn blackbery 24hrs plan verification message.
    • Lunch your app and go straight to settings, then look carefuly and click on bundley setting, now in this page, choose ( use bundle setting ) just as it is written in the image above. then navigate to bundle setting list and select mtn-biz from the bundle lists.
    • Now on your mobile data and move straight to tweakware home menu, now choose free servers and click connect or enter and wait untill it’s connect.
    • That’s all enjoy your free browsing and share the info with your friends while it last.


Note: you are entitled only to 100mb on free servers, but you can pay #500 to activate their premium server if you want more mb to flex. don’t have airtime to pay, don’t worry i’ll also show you the most easy and simplest way to earn free airtime.

tweakware vpn
tweakware vnp app

Browsing free on 9mobile

This equivalent to one mtn puls. and i’ll still brake it down for you in a simpler way for a better understanding, because i don’t want to hear you saying “it didn’t work for me” why i’m very sure that it works.


1.) Just go get your own latest app by download but don’t border your self if you already have one.

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2.) Now suscribe to etisalate by dailling *343*5*6# for a week and *343*5*7# for a month. you will receive 350mb for a week and 750mb for a month.

3.) Lunch the app an scroll and click on setting to bring out options then select account and then enter this details.

      • ballitee for username
      • balogun for password


head back to the main menu and click on the middle to change it (Etisalat chat park)

4.) Note: before you start connecting to internet, be sure that you are on easy cliq tariff if not, dial *2441# to migrate to easy cliq and the connect your vpn and start browsing smootly.