Check out: the 10 top paying job in america

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The highest or top paying job in america according to Glassdor news report were almost dominate by healthcare and tech jobs.
Many roles of this job required a high level of education. So you might take a look bt them and know the one you are passionate to apply for.
Majority of these jobs are not at risk for being change or replace by the increase of automation, even though that these roles are sometimes assisted by automation. all these jobs are works you can do and earn your self alot of money

now check out the list of the top paying job in america


physicians top the list of the top paying jo in american according to Glassdoor with 3,038 number of jobs openings, and their median base salary is $195,842.

Pharmancy Manager:

Pharmancy manager followed physician with 2,009 jobs openings and their median base salary is $146,412.


Phamacist came third in the top paying job in america with their median salary base : $127,120 and 2,535 jobs opening.

Enterprise Architech

  • Number of jobs opening : 1,097
  • median base salary : $115,944

Corporate Counsel

Corporate counsel also came top with $115,580 salary base and their number of jobs opening is 693

Software Developer Manager

This is one of the job that people are so eager to join. and behold it’s in the top ten paying job in america.
Their media base salary is $108,879 and 1,064 number of jobs opening.

Physician Assistant

Number of their job opening is 8,616 and their median base salary is: $108,761

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Software Engineering Manager:

These are people that maintain, develop, test and evaluate computer software. They are also called “software developers or computer programers.
They also earn huge salary ammount with $107,479 median base salary and their job openings are 1,105 so you can also be a lucky programmer.

Nurse Practitioner:

Practitioner nurses also came top and their median salary base is $106,962 and they also have hug number of job opening. many women love this job morethan any other thing.
14,931 is their jobs opening.

Software Architets

Sofware architets are high level developers who design and dictetes technical standards according to wikipedia.
Their median base salary is $105,329 and their number of job opening is 1,130

Conclusion: There are top paying jobs in america. incase you are a job seaker and you don’t know which job to go for then these are job you can apply foq but before doing that, make sure you are qualify and you must be so passionate about the job.
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