Amazon Affiliate in Nigeria

Do you want to earn money every month without moving an inch from your home? Or are you looking
for a way to earn passive income? If yes, then you’re right on time, because this post is for you. I will be
showing you how to make money using Amazon Affiliate in Nigeria.

When it comes to making money online, there are various methods and sources. While the internet has
made it possible for people to earn money with little stress, finding the right source happens to be a

Affiliate marketing happens to be one legit and easy method of making money online. It represents a
good side income option. Depending on your strategy, you can earn $1,000 every month from affiliate

The good news is that it doesn’t require huge capital or several years of expertise to start. The word
‘marketing’ may give you the impression of selling a product. While that is partially true, but unlike other
business, you need no store, stock or product to get started. You simply have to refer clients to a
particular product and get paid for it ‘that’s all’.

There are a host of Affiliate programs to join and start racking money every month,  this post focuses on
how to Earn money using Amazon Affiliate In Nigeria.

Tag along as I will be guiding you on ways of making money through Amazon in Nigeria…..

About Amazon Affiliate program

Amazon is one of the few companies to start the Affiliate marketing program, so far the likes of

have followed in it’s footstep with an affiliate program of their own.
Affiliate marketing is a strategy used to attract more traffic and customers to their site. Affiliate
marketing is a Win-win situation, because both parties make money. When you sign up for an affiliateprogram, you refer people to the website you’ve signed for and earn a certain percentage as
Amazon Affiliate program is one of the most popular and the best place to kickstart your marketing
business. Their Affiliate program is also called “Amazon Associates”. After registering for their program,
you get 10% on purchases made using a special link on your blog or website.

To join the Amazon Associate is free, you can start earning right way, but to do this, there are steps you
need to follow.

Here are Guidelines to setting up an amazon site and becoming an Associate….

1. Create a website

before becoming an Amazon affiliate is to create a
website. You may not need a physical store in this business model, but in the
world of marketing, there must be a product.

If there is a product, there should be an avenue for showcasing it. This is what a
website does. Your website serves as a channel or should I say a ‘shop’ that
directs people to the product you’re marketing.
First and foremost, buy a domain name and register the domain to make it a
public entity. After registering your domain, get a credible site to host your site.
There are numerous sites that provide web hosting services. Godaddy, Bluehost,
Fatcow and wordpress are just few mentioned.
After setting up your site and picking the niche that you want to specialize on you
are good to go.

Before applying to become an Amazon associate, you must drive traffic to your
site first. Post contents that add value and brings more audience.

In marketing, you must earn your customers trust first. People will only buy from
you if they trust you. The same goes for affiliate marketing, if your site is
notorious for scams or pitching clients, you will find it hard getting people to click
on your link.
Who would see a trap laid out and still run into it? No one!
What is the essence of applying for an affiliate program when nobody visits your
site? More traffic translates to more conversion rate. After getting your site in
order, you are ready for the next step. Which is ‘registering for Amazon Affiliate


2. Register for Amazon affiliate program

To become a doctor, you must go to medical school right? To become an affiliate,
you must register for an affiliate program. To be a part of Amazon associate, you
must register with them. Fortunately, this is free.
To register: go to Before signing up, you should go
through all terms stated as well as to make sure you understand every
information. There are various types of affiliate program base on your
geographical location. If you’re in Korea, you are expected to sign up for “Afilliate
Korea”. Since you are in Nigeria, “AFILLIATE NIGERIA” is the one for you.
Before starting an account, you should understand how it works. You should
know what products are available, how to post and how payments are made.

To officially join, click on “join for free” and become a part of the Amazon
associate community.
It doesn’t end there though, after confirming your registration, sign in using your
Amazon username and password. Fill in your details into the form provided. The
most important piece of information needed is that of your website and payment
You will be required to fill out all details concerning your website, web traffic and
After successfully crossing these steps, you’ve become an associate.

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3. Start looking through for product

This is the most important part of any affiliate marketing program. Signing up is
just a formality. The product determines how you will earn. The more people
click, the more money you will earn.
To choose the category of product you will want to paste on your site, you must
employ some criteria to yield result. Most often, bestselling products are top
choice for most affiliate marketers. If you’re enrolling for afilliate Nigeria, you
should have it at the back on your mind that people likely to click on your link will
be from Nigeria.
Products that are in demand in other places may not sell here in Nigeria. Before
pasting product, make a search about in demand product in your location. Dont
just go around posting link for any product you see around the web.
To Earn high, choose products with a high price rate. The mistake most people
make is to choose cheap products. The commission you get for a purchase of
$100 and $10 are not the same.
Imagine if ten persons are able to make purchase through your link for a product
of $10. That will be $1 as commission per one. That means you get $10 for $100
sales. If someone that post a link for a product of $100 makes 10 purchase, that
will be $100.
while advertising espensive product, you should also be strategic about it, most
people especially Nigerians love cheap things. They would rather go for goods of

$50 than $100. Who would buy a sneakers of $100 when there is one of #2500
Market evaluation shows that people most likely buy product that: solves their
problems, makes them happy or healthy, and those that also reduce cost. Some
goods may be expensive but if they fall in one of the categories listed above,
youre likely to get more sales.
So be wise with what you post. Your choice of product can make or break your
affiliate marketing carrer.

4. Post the link on your site

After arriving on the product you want to market, the next step is to copy the link
and paste on your site. You may decide to paste the link with text and images or
just text. The choice is yours.
For better result, it is advisable you post links with both text and image. People
are more likely to buy what they see.Links that carries images and texts are
observed to have a higher conversion rats than those without.

5. Post Links Regularly

Just as you need to post content regularly to keep traffic flowing in the world of
blogging, same goes for affiliate marketing.
For Amazon link, once clicked on by a potential buyer, lasts for 24 hours. This
means after 24 hours that click expires. Posting new link everyday is a better way
of making money.
Commissions paid depend on the type of product you are advertising. To increase
the amount paid, you must make at least 6 purchase every month. This means
you need to work hard to get visitors to click on your link.
To get more audience, you should be creative. Dont just copy the link and paste
somewhere on your blog or website. Create blog posts to promote it or salescopy.
Using social media to gain more audience isnt a bad idea either. Social media
platforms like facebook, instagram are places where you can get large audience.
These two are more like a business hub. With the right strategy, you can be
getting more than 6 purchase every month.

Conclusion: To Earn money as an amazon affiliate in Nigeria, doesnt happen by magic. Apart
from competition, it requires the right technique to excel. Affiliate marketing is a
profitable business but requires lot of effort. It isn’t a Get -Rich – Quick-Scheme.

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