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affiliate marketing opportunity

affiliate marketing opportunity

Internet marketing is all about selling stuff and it’s one of the most known ways of making money online. These services differ from sponsored content on blogs or website to advertising someone else’s product. You can sell your products (physical or digital), offer consultancy services and lastly, you can become an affiliate marketer for a company.


Affiliate marketers promote products or services of their companies to make money. They do this to generate sales for the company and they are paid commission for each sale they make.
Sadly, in this part of the world (Africa) a lot has not been done concerning affiliate marketing. Most people looking for ways to make money online have not embraced this opportunity. For example, many bloggers blogging In Africa rather depend on advertisement networks to make their money. Google Adsense is quite popular, then selling of advertisement space, allowing a sponsored post on their sites and other avenues to make money.

Making money from these avenues are not bad at all but the point is, more money could have been made combining these avenues with affiliate marketing.
And also when you look at the amount of work needed to make money from other avenues, they require a lot of work compared to what is required in affiliate marketing. Taking traffic into consideration, it will require hundreds of thousands of traffic to make a thousand dollars from advertising networks but with affiliate marketing, given a targeted audience, it will require a lot less to make the same amount.

So many affiliate programs pay out thousands of dollars to their affiliate partners worldwide every month. Also finding genuine affiliate programs online is not difficult and the process of signing up is quite simple.

Top paying affiliates programs are found abroad. Most of their products or services are highly sought after, this makes it easy for affiliates. Since there is already a need for these services, an affiliate is likely to generate sales and make money.
And the best thing is that anybody from any part of the world can become an affiliate.
Below is a list of some of the best affiliate marketing opportunity worldwide taking the amount they pay to their affiliate partners as the ultimate factor here.


This is an online tool used to build quality backlinks to websites or blogs. With thousands of blog owners looking for quality backlinks to their site, generating sales should not be difficult.
The minimum subscription plan goes for $59 and maximum plan for $599 per month. Affiliates earn 20% of the total subscription fee, this commission is recurrent for every month.


This tool makes work easy for writers around the world and it’s quite popular. It is a tool that helps writers write error and plagiarism free articles. Chances are that you have already heard about them but you did not know what a great affiliate program they have.
Their affiliate program pays their affiliate 0.2$ for each sign up they refer. This sign up is totally free. Then 20% of the total money the referred spends is paid to the referer as commission. One can easily make good figures with the right effort.
Say 200 persons sign up through your link. That’s $40 (200 times 0.02$) if 10 persons subscribe you make $400. This is the least anyone would want to make from such a program, you should be aiming at much higher figures. It all depends on how effective your strategy is.

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This platform brings to business owners a way to take their businesses online. A payment gateway is provided for easy payment on this platform. With this platform, transactions are secure.
Their affiliate program pays 200% to their affiliate partners. The minimum plan goes for $60 and the maximum goes for $398. Payment can be received via check, PayPal and EFT. The threshold for payment is $50.


This website stores premium domain names. Some of these domain names are, e.t.c. The reason domains like these go for higher prices is that they are easy to rank for on search engines considering keywords and they are highly sought after by companies and individuals.
Affiliates earn a minimum of $150 per sale.


If you’ve ever done research on how to get more traffic to your blog, you must have come across using long tail keywords. Many blog owners are already using this exceptional tool and its worth every penny paid to get access to it. Longtail Pro help blog owners find longtail keywords with ease.
It makes finding the number of social signals, backlinks your competitors have, it gives you an insight into what it will take rank higher.
Affiliates are paid 30% of the total sales generated every month. The minimum plan goes for $24.99 a month.


Berush is the name of SEMRUSH affiliate program. Semrush offers all SEO tool you can imagine. With SEMRUSH, you can monitor your competitors SEO strategies, get keywords with high CPC on your niche. You can also get keywords with high traffic with low competition and many other things.
And the affiliate program is awesome, it’s one of the best affiliate marketing opportunity available online. An affiliate can get up to $159.6 from a single active user in a month. That is a good amount coming from one customer.
At some point, you might think it is going to be difficult getting someone to signup to this and subscribe. The truth is, it is not difficult because what the tool offers is attractive enough and so many blog owners are in need of it. All you have to do is tell people about it in a way that they see the need, try as much as possible to make them see the benefits.
An affiliate gets 40% of the total subscription generated at the end of the month. The minimum plan goes for $39.9 and the maximum goes for %156.9.


This platform is basically, meant to promote new technology companies or startups. For a new company, it can be difficult to get the public to know about the services you render. So, Startuplister solves this problem, what it does is to submit the reviews of these new companies to various blogs which will promote these company to online users.
Startuplister affiliate program is also a good source of residual income. They pay the referer 20% of the total money the referee brings their way.

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This is one of the most well-known websites for offering e-commerce solutions. Shopify allows users to build e-commerce websites with really simple steps.
The minimum plan goes for 49.99 for one month. Affiliate receive 200% of the total amount from the first payment and 20% from the subsequent months. They pay through PayPal when you reach the threshold amount.


They offer WordPress hosting services. This allows users to take total control of their WordPress site.
Their minimum plan is $30 a month. Affiliate get 30% from each sale they bring their way. Then 20% for the subsequent months.


Cloudways offers WordPress managed hosting. Affiliates can earn $50 to $150 per one-time sale. 300% for a one-time sale plus 7% residual commission for a lifetime.

11) 3D CART:

3D Cart makes it easy to sell online and also receive payment. They offer 15 days free trial which is appealing, this can help affiliates generates sales more easily.
The maximum plan goes for $9.9 a month with no additional fees.
Affiliates are paid 300% of the total sales.


This site is well known by many SEO WordPress optimized themes with Genesis framework. The templates are of high quality and specifically designed with SEO in mind.
StudioPress pay 35% to their affiliates partners from each sale they bring their way.


This company manages affiliate programs for many other companies. They pay handsomely for every company you bring to them, up to $500.


ShareASale is great for many reasons including a high paying affiliate program. An affiliate can make up to $150 from a single sale.
One important thing that you should know is that your commission depends on the packages of the customer company.

15) UDEMY:

This is one of the biggest online platforms in the world. It offers hundreds of high-quality courses. The topics are numerous and the methods of teaching are top-notched. Upon completion of any course certificates are awarded,
Udemy also offers one of the best affiliate marketing opportunity to the to the public. Their affiliate program is handled by Linkshare.
The affiliate receives 40% of the total sales generated over the month. Many courses in Udemy go for $200 and many go for more. You would need only 50 people to make $2000 going by $200 per course.


Most affiliate programs have their payment option as PayPal. But the problem is so many countries in the world are banned from receiving money through Paypal.
So what is the solution?
The solution is the Payoneer card. Nearly all affiliate programs have Payoneer include as their payment option and Payoneer card is accepted worldwide. So if your country is among the banned country by PayPal try Payoneer.
Applying for your Payoneer card is easy and free.


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