3D Modeling App for Android In 2018

3d modelling app

3d modelling app
It does this with digital construction blocks called ‘qubes’ that can be added, deleted, moved, stretched, sloped, shaped, rotated and coloured with a couple touches.

Qubism has been designed from scratch with a dedication on touch operation and performance. Focus on and Zoom in on areas that need work at higher precision and Qubism will accommodate.

Exporting and saving Images and Models:
Select the ‘camera’ tool from the leftmost menu and select the file type from the rightmost (tick) menu.
PNG: Show off your model to you friends, should work with any social and photo apps installed•JSON: Share you model with other Android devices running Qubism via email with this option
DAE: Export your model in Collada format to develop it further with tools like Blender or SketchupAll these files can be sent via gmail or saved to SD card if you have an app like ‘Send to SD card’ installed.

All tools available in the menu only need a single touch to operate but the following shortcuts can speed things up:

3D Modeling App for Android, hello friends welcome back to our blog, today I am going to be discussing the best 3D modeling app for your Android phone, you may be wondering if 3d modeling is possible on Android devices, the answer is yes 3D modeling is possible on Android devices with the help of this two simple but powerful application call qubism  3D modeling and sketch 3D modeling. You can download all these 3D modeling app on Android Google play store.

The description of Qubism 3D modeling App

Qubism 3D modeling app lets you design and build simple 3D models using your touch screen device.

Cancel operation in progress: Tap screen with a second finger while the first is still on the screen
Pan, Zoom and rotate: Use two fingers on the screen (e.g. pinch screen)
View: Place two fingers on the screen then remove one
Focus: Place one finger on a qube and tap twice quickly with a second finger

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Known limitations:
•Qubes that are too close or two far away from the centre of the red axes will be cropped by OpenGL. Keep the red axes near the area you want to work on using the focus and pan tools before zooming in.
•The line removal rendering options are not perfect, it trims outlines where two Qubes meet but this can have unexpected results.
•Transparency requires Qubes to be rendered back to front, this is fine when editing but in camera mode this order is only calculated when the rendering mode changes and may be incorrect once you change the view. The new refresh button will appear once you change view and will recalculate the order but artifacts are still possible.
•Out of Memory issues can unavoidably occur outside of my control. Qubism will save your model for you and it will have a ? for its thumbnail when you re-enter the application.
•Qubism will never be able to load existing 3D file formats (Obj and even DAE) because it would be extremely difficult and often impossible to convert triangles meshes into qubisms internal format.

The description of Sketch 3D :Model 3D Objects Easily
Sketch 3D is a simple way for anyone to build their ideas in 3D.
Push ,pull and tap to create 3d models such as chairs and cars to more complex organic models like animals,birds and humans.*Controls are intuitive and simple with plenty of tutorials and videos to get you started,wether you are a casual user ,a hobbyist or a teacher.*3D print your creations with a simple tap ,uploading onto 3D printing cloud services such as 3dhubs.com

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*Export your model out from Sketch 3D to desktop applications like Maya,3ds Max,Blender and Photoshop for more refined editing.

*Import .OBJ files from other packages and online

*Perfect for students and teachers to learn 3d modelling and apply in the new field of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Sketch 3D is developed by the award winning team behind the Blox 3D family of creativity apps which have been downloaded more than 2.5 million times.

Sketch 3D is part of the Blox 3D family of creativity apps which have been collectively downloaded over 2 million times on App stores worldwide and won Editors Choice Award from Children’s Tech Review.

These are my favorite 3D modeling app for Android, I am not saying that they  are the best or the only 3D modeling App. You can find many more of them. I hope this helps.

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